Getting Started w/ Skin Care

Getting Started w/ Skin Care

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There are many reasons why you don't use skin care at the moment or are struggling to stay consistent. Time, knowing how, sensitive skin and the list goes on. I am going to go over the main reasons and give you some pointers as to how to overcome them.


Starting a skin care routine can be overwhelming and daunting at first, but once you get to know the benefits and experience all the wonderful results of maintaining a skin care routine that matches your needs, you’re sure to never look back at your pre-skincare days.



Why do you even want to use skin care? Having a strong why will give you the motivation to stick to a routine.


I use skin care because of how it makes me feel, and the benefits it brings to my skin. My skin feels nice after I finish my routine. Its no longer sticky and oily. I feel more beautiful which gives me more confidence even around the house. The benefits go deeper then the skin for me and have an affect on my mood and emotions.


Find your why and remember it when it's late and your tired and don't want to take off your makeup and wash your face.


A strong why is rooted in your emotions. A good exercise is to continue to ask yourself why. Here is an example based on my why.


Why do you even want to use skin care? Because I want my face to be clean from dirt and oil.


Why do you want your face to be clean from oil? Because I don't want clogged pores that cause pimples.


Why do you not want pimples? Because they don't make me feel pretty.


Why do you want to feel pretty? Because I am happier, sweeter, and more outgoing when I feel pretty.


I use skin care because it brings me happiness.


Use this exercise to find out your why.




You have your why and you are ready to start. You might have seen beauty bloggers talk about all the steps they take and products they use. In the beginning we need to keep things simple.


Makeup Remover


Face Wash




This is all you need to get started. This is your routine until you become consistent.


But what should you get? There are so many brands and types of products out there it is crazy. You need to get something for your skin type. You probably already have an idea of your skin type. If you need more help I created A Beginners Guide To Skin Care resource that will walk you through the process. The resource is free in exchange for your email address. If you are already a subscriber you can sign up again and I will still send it to you. Don't worry you won't get double emails if you sign up twice.


Here are some helpful options for choosing the right product.


Pick products that are for your skin type.


Ask friends what they use and even try it out. Pay attention to how your skin feels after.


Read review on amazon. Get a feel for what people think that have tried it and take the plung.


Pick one that looks fun or exciting to you. I like to have fun so why not have it with skin care.


Once you have your why and you found some products you would like to try you are all set. Try your new product for one days and see what happens to your skin for the next couple days. If you have really sensitive skin this step is going to be really important. Maybe you only try a spot behind your ear.


I will tell you I have put on a moisturizer all over my back from a hotel we stayed at in mexico. Within minutes my back what a hot, blotchy, red, itchy, mess. It was so bad I had to take a antihistamine to quell the intense irritation. Don't let this happen to you. Try it then wait a couple days at least to see if you react.


If you need more help getting started then check out A Beginners Guide To Skin Care. It is free in exchange for your email address. I know email address are valuable so I put in as much quality content as I could.


After you get the hang of the basics you may want to add steps to your routine. Here is an example of what your routine might look like when you start adding steps.


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