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Letter From The Founders

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Hello Everyone,

I thought it was time to send you a quick letter about who we are, what we stand for and what plans we have in the near future.

Iridesi is a small family run business that started out offering high quality nail files to a market that otherwise was stuck with non durable options. We got a taste of the business life and quickly saw what influence for good we could be.

Being in business for yourself is challenging mentally and physically but all of the hard work pays off when we hear a thank you from someone we have helped. Even those that do not express a thank you directly to us show gratitude by supporting us in other ways. Like leaving reviews on our amazon product pages or becoming a customer of ours.

The thank you has become something that we are striving for and proves our mission is a worthy one. To provide the most value we can to those within our reach.

Value can be anything from a kind word, advice, free support, training or even the products we offer.

We are excited about the future of the brand and more importantly what it can do for others. We are launching a new skin care line where a portion of the profits will go to charity. We have been keeping the details of this really close to the chest but time is coming near where we will reveal all. Donating to charity with our products is one way we strive to expand our reach and fulfill our mission.

In addition to donating to charities we have created a Skin Health Support Group on Facebook. This group is all about supporting each other through challenges related to skin health. It may be a small concern or a large issue. We are happy to help where we can and encourage those in the group to share their own experiences or opinions if it might help another going through a similar situation.

Read the about section for more group details

Skin Health Support Community Main Page

Thank you for your support as we strive to accomplish our mission to provide more value to those around us.


Jared Stephens

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