Perfect nail designs for Christmas

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Holidays come once in a while, and that's the time when we free up on a lot of things from what we like to what we don't like. But no holiday gets better than Christmas. During this time of the year, a lot of people prefer to look magnificent in every aspect. One of the sought after is beauty and outlooks.

You could be looking for cute nail designs this Christmas, and you are not sure which type of nail art can best fit your nails. You should not worry about that because we are going to give you some of the nail designs you can put on your nails this Christmas to stand out from the rest.

Twinkling stars

You would need white polish, striper brush, orange sticks, and a top coat.

How to:

  • Start by painting on two coats¬† a dark red polish
  • Dip a thin striper brush in white polish and use to draw a thin vertical line on your nail.
  • Use the same striper brush to draw a line perpendicular line to the vertical line. It should be a third of the vertical line.
  • Using the same brush and polish, draw a diagonal line at the point of intersection of the horizontal and vertical line perpendicular to each other.
  • On the opposite side, draw another diagonal line to finish your star.
  • Using a pointy orange stick dipped in white polish, paint dots to surround your big star.
  • Finally, finish it with top coat

Sweet snowflakes

You will need supplies such as white polish, tiny striper brush, and a top coat.

How to:

  • Use an iridescent as your base color to paint your nail.
  • Dip a thin striper brush in white polish then draw three lines using the brush to create a foundation for your snowflake.
  • Draw tiny Vs at the end of each line to create the ends of the snowflake.
  • You can create a large snowflake on a few fingers to bring up a mix up in your look. Then draw a horizontal line on your nail and an X at the middle to come up with a six-prong snowflake. Draw tiny Vs at the ends as you did above.
  • Draw a hexagon to connect the intersecting hexagon lines.
  • Make tiny dots in between the six prongs of the snowflake. You should then let the white paint dry and finish it off with a top coat.


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