Iridesi VIP Access Gets You Even More

We have added a VIP option for those that want more interaction with the brand they love.

VIP status is not for everyone and should not be taken lightly. We invite individuals that we feel have a deep connection to the brand, love the products, and love sharing them with others to join the VIP group. 

  • As a VIP you can expect to be the first to try new products before they are launched to the general public. We want you to try them and review them to make sure they are perfect.
  • VIP's should be active reviewers and participants on social media.
  • VIP's will get exclusive access to any major promotions as well as pre access to all blog content before it goes live.
  • VIP's will get these benefits and more after sign up.

If you love the Iridesi brand and can't help but naturally share it with those around you then you are VIP qualified.

Get the VIP Access now by filling out the form below.

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